The technology world is ever changing and developing, and yet one thing hasn’t:  the headache.  No matter the task, business owners find themselves wading through claims of quality, support, and a sea of “buzzwords” that sound good on paper, but only translate to higher costs and difficulty.  With everything that’s been done to improve the technology of the internet, why is the experience so lacking?

Henry Ford didn’t invent the automobile, but he revolutionized how they’re made.  He made owning a car affordable enough to make it a commodity instead of a luxury.  That simple idea is the heart of the RocketSite experience.  We don’t think your website should cost more than your computer.  With the RocketSite experience we don’t just build you an amazing RocketSite, we host it, make it secure and build a lasting relationship to handle any future changes you may need, providing the service you deserve for an affordable low monthly rate. Pick a plan, give us some information, and you’re off to the races with a new RocketSite.  No quotes, change orders, turnarounds, or “buzzwords”.  No offshoring talent, no hidden fees… just a quality RocketSite, quickly, at a low monthly price anyone can afford.

RocketSites offers small business owners amazing sites at affordable prices. We make this process easy, enjoyable, and quick because we don’t expect clients to order off a menu. We provide them with decision support throughout the relationship ensuring that their RocketSite is not only amazing and secure, but exactly what they want. And we don’t leave them once the build is done. We provide an unheard-of level of service and expertise, at a price anyone can afford.

But how?

Over the years the Cosmital team has worked in a variety of design and technical industries, and has accumulated a unique set of experiences from consumer web design, consulting, business, and industrial applications.  Combined, this gave us the chance to craft something truly unique:  The Rocket platform.  More than just technology, it’s a holistic approach that delivers the product, support, and affordability we expect from the other commodities in our life.

HOURS LOGGED(and counting!)
CUPS OF COFFEE(also counting)
WORN OUT KEYBOARDS(they exploded)

We built Rocket because all businesses deserve a quality, affordable RocketSite.

A Complete Service.
An Unbeatable Price.

Never again pay thousands for a website and support.  Don’t put up with products that make you do the work.  RocketSites is the next generation of online presence management.

No More Contractor Horror Stories

“I thought I was SAVING money!”

Many clients get blindsided by the final tab on an “affordable” contractor.  Work that was sent off-shore was either poorly completed or not at all, leaving you to clean up the mess.

No More Endless Development Times

“The project just kept dragging on!”

Freelancers and contractors often work many projects at once, meaning you only get a fraction of their attention and time.  This leads to delays, missed opportunities, and higher costs.

No More Abandonment Issues

“I just needed some simple changes!”

Once the project is done most contractors drop out of sight, leaving you to fend for yourself.  This forces you to either find a new contractor or learn to make the changes yourself.

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