Women of Wealth


"Affluent Women Leveraging Power and Influence" Women of Wealth Magazine is at the forefront, leading women of today to the possibilities of tomorrow using strength, wisdom and experience as a solid foundation to guide lives, careers, business and corporate societies in a globally responsible, visionary mission to improve humanity. Their RocketSite features include: [...]



"The Protection you Need, With your Family in Mind" Ultra Guard provides quality, relible, and affordable pest control services saving you money. Their site needed to express the peace of mind they offer after dealing with troublesome household pests. Their RocketSite features include: Detailed list of services User-freindly call-to-action buttons Interactive service description [...]

Sequoia Cyber Solutions


"Your Cybersecurity & Technology Experts" Sequoia Cyber Solutions requested a redesign of their site in an effort to simplify their users' experience. We created a streamlined, concise design and combined it with a fluid user experience, with unique features such as: Original use of image carousels Traditional and unique side navigation Blog Distinguishing UI [...]



Built in less than 4 weeks, Lapazul.com is a multi-page RocketSite with a lot of moment and interaction throughout the pages. Some great site features include: Integrated mailing list (Mail Chimp) Fun interaction animations like information flip-boxes An interactive time line Multiple image galleries Video


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